Note: REAL BLUES ‘Top 100 Releases’ chart is based on CD’s we have received in the previous 24 Calendar months*.
All have been graded as ‘Highly Recommended Purchases’ and all selections are based solely on Artistic/Spiritual Merit. Selections have already been reviewed or will be within the next issue. This list is a ‘Bribery-free’ listing so you can ‘take-it-to-the-bank’. (If you hope to have your CD on this list, the first step is to send us a review copy…)

* While the current Top 100 Chart is mainly reserved for the Hottest CDs of the last 24 calendar months, some exceptional releases may remain on the chart for longer periods.

1. Reverend K. M. Williams: When I Rise (Dialtone)
1. Otis Redding & His Orchestra: Live On The Sunset Strip (Stax/Concord) *Vintage 1960s recordings
2. Guitar Shorty: Bare Knuckles (Alligator)
2. Chick Willis: Hit & Run Blues (Benevolent Blues)
3. Travis ‘Moonchild’ Haddix: If I’m One, You’re One Too (CDS)
3. Claudette King: We’re On To Something (Blues Express)
3. Mighty Sam McClain: Betcha Didn’t Know (Mighty Music)
4. Duke Robillard: Passport To The Blues (Stony Plain)
4. Rick Estrin And The Nightcats: Twisted (Stony Plain)
4. Dennis Jones: Pleasure & Pain (Blue Rock)
5. Elmore James Jr. And The Broomdusters: Baby Please Set A Date (Wolf)
5. Tommy Brown: Rockin’ My Blues Away (Bonedog)
6. Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters: Spread The Love (Stony Plain)
6. Chocolate Thunder: Ear Candy (Indie)
7. Piano Red: The Lost Atlantic Tapes (Landslide Records *Vintage Recording
7. Cathy Lemons And Johnny Ace: Lemonace (Vizztone)
7. Shawn Pittman: Too Hot (Feelin’ Good)
8. Hosea Hargrove: Texas Golden Nugget (Dialtone)
8. The Aces: No One Rides For Free (El Toro)
9. Charlie Musselwhite: The Well (Alligator)
9. Missy Andersen (Main Squeeze Records)
9. Mel Brown: Love Lost And Found (Electro Fi)
9. Long John Hunter: Looking For A Party (Blues Express)
10. Mitch Kashmar: & The Pontiax: 100 Miles To Go (Delta Groove)
10. Uvee Hayes: Play Something Pretty (CDS)
10. Nellie ‘Tiger’ Travis: I’m A Woman (CDS)
10. Bobby Dean Blackburn: Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell (Electro Fi)
11. The Holmes Brothers: Feed My Soul (Alligator)
11. Cyril Neville: Brand New Blues (MC Records)
11. Robert Cray: LIVE/Authorized Bootleg (Mercury/Universal)
12. Harriet Lewis & Gregor Hilden Band: Soulful Stew (Acoustic Music/German)
12. Cash Box Kings: I-94 Blues (Blue Bella)
12. Bob Corritore And Friends: Harmonica Blues (Delta Groove)
12. The Kilborn Alley Blues Band: Better Off Now (Blue Bella)
13. The Cliffhanger Project/ Rocky Athas, Jimmy Wallace, Russell Stonecypher a.o. (Topcat)
13. Smilin’ Bobby & Hidden Charms: Big Legged Woman (Wolf)
14. Elvin Bishop: Red Dog Speaks (Delta Groove)
14. Roy Lee Johnson: When A Guitar Plays The Blues (Bear Family) *Reissued sides
14. Darrell Nulisch: Just For You (Severn)
14. Chick Willis: Hit & Run Blues (CDS)
15. R.L. Burnside: Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (Wolf) vintage recordings
15. Shirley Johnson: Blues Attack (Delmark)
16. Cyril Neville: The Essential Cyril Neville 1994-2007 (MC Records)
16. Zakiya Hooker: Keeping It Real (Boogie With The Hook Productions)
17. Hollywood Blue Flames: Deep In America (Delta Groove)
17. David Gerald: Hell And Back (Indie)
18. Nick Moss: Privileged (Blue Bella)
18. James Day & The Fish Fry: Firecracker (Neon Blue)
19. Charles Walker: Soul Stirring Thing (SPV/Blue Label)
19. The Delgado Brothers: Learn To Fly (Bell Asher Records)
19. Arthur Adams: Stomp The Floor (Delta Groove)
20. Don Ray Band: On Top Of The Heap (Margdon Records)
20. Bocce Boogie Featuring Big Walter, Guitar Johnny Nicholas & Ronnie Earl (Topcat)
20. Melissa Martin & The Mighty Rhythm Kings: Lucky Girl (Indie)
21. Grady Champion: Back In Mississippi/Live (Earwig)
21. Terry ‘Big T’ Williams: Jump Back…Big T’s In The House (Blumert Enterprise)
21. Jim’s Combo: Tune Up! (Tune Up Records)
22. Big Papa & The TCB: Buckshot Love-Live (Dream Pickle)
22. Joe Louis Walker: Between A Rock And The Blues (Stony Plain)
22. M For Mississippi: A Road Trip Through The Birthplace Of The Blues Vol. 2 (Broke &
Hungry/Cat Head/Mud Puppy)
23. Playing For Change Presents Grandpa Elliott: Sugar Sweet (Concord Music Group)
23. Big Pete Pearson: The Screamer (Modesto Records)
23. Downchild: I Need A Hat (Linus)
24. Shawn Pittman: Movin’ & Groovin’ (Feelin’ Good Records)
24. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King: Have Blues Will Travel (Alligator)
24. Boo Boo Davis: Ain’t Gotta Dime (Black & Tan)
25. Johnny Moeller: BloogaLoo! (Severn)
25. 2000 LBs of Blues: Soul of A Sinner (Deep Groove Records)
25. Clarence Dobbins: The Uprising (CDS Records)
26. Doug Warner: Fading Gracefully (Whirly Fair Productions)
26. Richard Ray Farrell And The Spanish Band: Camino de Sanlucar (Blue Beet)
26. Shaun Murphy: Livin’ The Blues (Vision Wall Records)
27. Robson Fernandes: Cool (Indie/Brazil)
27. Pat Cooley: Cougar (L&L Records)
27. Rocky Jackson: Testify! (High Life)
28. Igor Prado Band: Upside Down (Chico Blues Records)
28. Shawn Pittman: Undeniable (Indie)
28. Flavio Paludetti: First Love (Indie/Italy)
29. James Nixon: Live In Europe (SPV/Blue Label)
29. Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges: Live In San Antonio (Armadillo)
29. Steve Howell: Since I Saw You Last (Burning Disk)
29. Benny Maygarden: Come On, If You’re Coming (Shortstack Records)
30. Chainsaw Dupont: The Real Guitar Hero (Chicago Blues Records)
30. Troy Turner: Whole Lotta Blues (Evidence)
30. Bobby Jones: Coming Back Hard (Delta Groove)
30. Mark Hummel: Retro-Active (Electro Fi)
31. Kirk Fletcher: My Turn (Eclecto Groove)
31. Craig Brenner & The Crawdads: Live To Love (Craig Brenner Music)
31. Ernie Payne: Coercion Street (Black & Tan) * Voted Album Of The Decade/All Genres

32. Rob Stone: Back Around Here (Earwig)
32. Little Joe Washington: Texas Fire Line (Dialtone)
32. Chicago Blues Harmonica Project: More Rare Gems (Severn)
33. Chris James/Patrick Rynn: Gonna Boggie Anyway (Earwig)
33. Jake Lear: Lost Time Blues (Indie)
33. Mitch Woods: Gumbo Blues (Club 88 Records)
33. Shawn Pittman: Meridian (Indie)
34. Ari Borger Quartet: Backyard Jam (GRV/Brazil)
34. Hamilton Loomis: Live In England (Ham-Bone Records)
34. Nick Moss & The Flip Tops: Live At Chans Vol. 2 (Blue Bella)
35. Ray Bailey: Resurrection (Tondef Records)
35. Aaron Williams And The Hoodoo: It Ain’t Easy (Indie)
35. Mark Tolstrup & Dale Haskell: Street Corner Holler (Root Blues)
36. Matthew Stubbs: Medford & Main (Blue Bella)
36. David Egan: You Don’t Know Your Mind (Rhonda Sue Records/Out Of The Past)
36. Mike Hall: Have Guitarz…Will Travel (Indie)
37. Travis Haddix: Daylight At Midnight (Earwig)
37. Phil Gates: Addicted To The Blues (DCT Productions)
37. Pat Thomas: His Father’s Son (Broke & Hungry
37. Phil Berkowitz: All Night Party (Dirty Cat Records)
38. Lee ‘Shot’ Williams: I’m The Man For The Job (CDS)
38. Doctor Nick & The Rollercoasters: Blues…Straight Ahead (Blue Tube Records)
38. Tia Carroll (Big Cat Records)
39. Guitar Red: Lightnin’ In A Bottle (Back Space)
39. M For Mississippi: A Road Trip Through The Birthplace Of The Blues Vol.1 (Broke & Hungry/Cat Head/Mud Puppy)
39. Billy Boy Arnold: Sings Sonny Boy (Electro-Fi)
40. Francesco Greggio & Sucker Punch: Blue Homework (Indie/Italy)
40. Devine’s Jug Band: Terrible Operation Blues (Porto Franco Records)
40. Wayne & Wildroot: One Hell Of A Ride (Reconciled Records)
41. Michael Burks: Iron Man (Alligator)
41. Victor Wainwright and The Wild Roots: Beale St. To The Bayou (Wild Roots Records)
41. Fiona Boyes: Blues Woman (Yellow Dog)
42. Steve Howell: My Mind Gets To Ramblin’ (Out Of The Past/Flett Prod.)
42. Billy Lavender: Memphis Livin’ (I55 Productions)
42. The Soul of John Black: Black John (Eclecto Groove)
43. Texas Slim: Driving Blues (Topcat)
43. Maurizio Pugno Featuring Sugar Ray Nocia & Mark DuFresne: Kill The Coffee (Pacific Blues)
43. Lucious SPiller: Born To Play The Blues (Indie)
44. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King: Blood Brothers (Alligator)
44. Hollywood Fats & The Paladins: Live 1985 (Topcat)
44. Dave Keyes: Roots In The Blues (DKR)
45. James Nixon: Live In Europe (SPV/Blue Label)
45. Chris Duarte: Vantage Point (Blues Bureau)
45. Eddie C. Campbell: Tear This World Up (Delmark)
46. Terminal Station: Rolling All Night (Hard Rain Records)
46. Shawn Pittman With The Moeller Bros: Triple Troubles)
46. Cassandra Mathews & the San Francisco Gospel Divas: Let’s Praise The Lord (Feeling Good)

47. Jason Ricci & New Blood: Done With The Devil (Eclecto Groove/Delta Groove)

47. A.Z. Kenny Tsak Deluxe: Like I Do (56 De Luxe Productions)
47. Big Papa And The TCB: 12 Gauge Insurance Plan (Dream Pickle Music)
48. Motor City Josh: A Tribute To Howlin’ Wolf (Ford Music Co.)
48. Plainfield Slim: Another Mule In The Barn (Indie)
48. Joe Louis Walker’s Blue Conspiracy: Live On The Legendary R&B Cruise (Stony Plain)
48. Pat Wilder and Serious Business: Lay Down Daddy (Indie)
49. Linda Hornbuckle/Janice Scroggins: Sista (PsycheDelta)

49. The 17th Street Band: Positively 17th Street (17th Street Records)
49. Piney Brown: One Of These Days (Bonedog)

50. Jack Edery & Ultra Suede: Fried Chicken & Whiskey (Indie)
50. Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones: Falling Through The Tracks (Mighty Tiger)
50. Aaron Burton: Recession Blues (Indie)
51. Dennis Johnson: Slide Show (Indie)
51. 19th Street Red: Wine, Women & The Blues (Red Top)
51. Dave Riley & Bob Corritore: Lucky To Be Living (Blue Witch)
52. Cookie McGee: One Way Ticket (Wolf)
52. The Informants: Crime Scene Queen (Wipe It Off! Records)
52. Jay Gordon And The Penetrators: Immortal (Shuttle Music)
53. Tom ‘Blues Man’ Hunter: Down In The Bottom (Great Blues Recordings)
53. Teeny Tucker: Keep The Blues Alive (Tebo Records)
53. Chris Canas Blues Revolution: She’s Breaking Me (Indie)
54. Tommy Castro: Hard Believer (Alligator)
54. Planet D Nonet: Blowin’ Away The Blues (Eastlawn)
54. The Back Alley Band: 11th Hour Blues (Indie)

55. Charles Walker: Soul Stirring Thing (SRV/Blue Label)
55. Barbara Carr: Savvy Woman (CDS Records)
55. Wes Mackey: Beyond Words (Bluesline)
56. Fillmore Slim: The Legend of Fillmore Slim (Mountain Top)
56. Glenn Patrik: Mr. Blues Jr. (Indie)
56. Clarence Spady: Just Between Us (Severn)

57. House Rockin’ And Blues Shoutin’: Celebrating 16 Years of The Rhythm Room (Blue Witch)
57. Dave Perkins: Pistol City Holiness (Lugnot Music)
57. The Hinton Hart Band: Let’s Get Together (Indie)
58. Johnny B and The Goodes: Have Mercy (Big Mo)
58. Dave Fields: All Wound Up (Fields Music Inc)
58. Enrico Crivellaro: Mojo Zone (Electro-Fi)
59. Don Ray Band: Lonesome Rider (Margdon Records)
59. Rick Welter Band: I’m All Yours (Bluestopia)
59. Too Slim and The Taildraggers: Free Your Mind (Underworld Records)
60. Big George Brock: Live At Seventy Five (Cathead)
60. Rick Moore: Better Off With The Blues (Blues Boulevard)
60. Chicago Blues: A Living History (Raisin Music)
60. Raoul And The Big Time: You My People (Big Time)
61. Dennis Johnson: Slide Show (Indie)
61. Pat Pepin: In It For The Long Haul (Indie)
61. John Lee Hooker Jr.: All Odds Against Me (Steppin’ Stone/Koch)
62. Roomful of Blues: Raisin’ A Ruckus (Alligator)
62. Andrew Jr. Boy Jones: Getting’ Real (Electro-Fi)
62. The Reclamators: sing it, white boy! (Crooked Walls Records)
63. Big Shanty: Sold Out (King Mojo Records)
63. Harmonica Shah: If All You Have Is A Hammer (Electro-Fi)
63. The Part Time Lovers: Raw Transmission (LSK Records)
64. Tommy Lee Cook: Buckingham Peace Of Mind (Indie)
64. The Plain Hard Truth: Bad Case of Déjà Vu (Indie/Cold Truth Music)
65. The Twisters: Come Out Swingin’ (Northern Blues)
65. Joe Price: Rain Or Shine (Blues Ace Productions)
66. Byther Smith: Blues On The Moon (Delmark)
66. Peaches Staten: Live At Legends (Swississippi Records)
66. Greg Nagy: Walk That Fine Thin Line (Big O Records)
67. Blue Plate Special: Can You Dig It? (Prime)
67. Blues Piano-Rama (Electro-Fi)
68. Big Al Jano: Some Of My Best Friends Have The Blues (Hottrax Records)
68. Mark Rigg And The Big Rig Band (Bluestone)
68. Steve Kozak’s Westcoast Blues Revue: Hoot ‘N Holler (Indie)
69. Jimi Bott: Bott & Paid For (Roseleaf)
69. Shakura S’Aida: Brown Sugar (Ruf)
69. Hills and Lemelin: Neither Here Nor There (H&L Records)
70. Adolphus Bell: One Man Band (Music Maker)
70. The Cadillac Kings: Trouble In Store (33 Records)
70. Al “Coffee” McDaniel: Blues In My Shoes (CPA Records)

71. The Alex Dixon Band: Rising From The Bushes (Dixon Landing Music)
71. Root Doctor: Live At The Cadillac Club (Big O Records)
72. B.B. And The Blues Shacks: London Days (Crosscut Records)
72. Billy Jones: My Hometown (Black & Tan)
73. Rice Moorehead: You Make Me Feel (Indie)
73. Dave Spector: Spectified (Fret 12)
74. Dennis Gruenling: I Just Keep Lovin’ Him (BackBender)
74. Bradley/McGillivray Blues Band: Livin’ This Way (Sense and Soul)
75. Jake Lear: Love And Charm (Indie)
75. Billy T. Band: L.O.V.E. (Just A Silly Notion) (Big H Productions)
76. Peter Struijk Featuring Taildragger: Human Ways (Blueshine Records/Holland)
76. Chris Harper: Four Aces And A Harp (Swississippi Records)
76. Matti Norlin: LIVE/Blues 3 Trappor Upp (Smokestack/Record Union)
77. Robi Zonca: So Good (Tube Jam Records)
77. The Vincent Hayes Project: Reclamation (North 61 Records)
78. Mark Slim Band: Katrina (Indie/Italy)
78. J.P. Soars: Back Of My Mind (Soars High Production)
78. Kenny Neal: Hooked On Your Love (Blind Pig/Stony Plain)
79. Mike Hallal Band: Hatchet Blues (Pi Records)
79. Isaac Scott: Posthumous Blues Live (Hotel Motel Records)
80. Albert White: Soul Of The Blues (Music Maker)
80. The Hitman Blues Band: Pale Rider (Reaching Tree Music)
81. Bernie Pearl: Somebody Got To Do It (Boulevard Music)
81. Bob Petrocelli: Shanghai Shuffle (Ortep Music)
82. Delaney Bramlett: A New Kind Of Blues (Magnolia Gold)

82. Mike Goudreau: Blues Et Cetera (PMG)
83. The Paul deLay Band: The Last Of The Best (Criminal)
83. Terry Blersh (Indie)
84. Nat Dove and The Neo Classic Blues Ensemble: Real Texas Blues Piano (Tri
Clef Music)
84. Mac Arnold & Plate Full Of Blues: Country Man (Vizztone)
85. Jo’ Buddy & Down Home King III: Whole Lotta Things To Do (Ram-Bam)
85. David Gogo: Different Views (Cordova Bay)
86. Sauce Boss: Hot ‘N Heavy (Burning Disk)
86. Ron McManaman: Under The Blues Sky (Indie)
87. Erick Hovey: Blues Farm (Indie)
87. Lee Pons: Boogie Woogie Voodoo (Mind Balm Records)
88. Trevor Caswell: Folksinger Blues (Indie)
88. The Great Northern Blues Society Presents Bake Sale Volume 5 (GNBS)
89. Malkum Gibson and The Mighty Juke Band: Hoodoo Blues (Whata’ Record)
89. Foghat: Last Train Home (Foghat Records/Fontana)
90. Mike Leavy: The Strange Cat People (Strange Cat)
90. Cliff Stevens: Cliff Stevens (Red Flagg)
91. Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat: Tijuana Bible (Underworld Records)
91. Barry Darnell & The Mobile Slim Blues Band: Return of Mobile Slim (Preferred Records)
92. John D’Amato: Ain’t No Big Deal (Indie)
92. T. Rogers: Live From Home (Indie/Hungary)
93. Kirby Sewell: A Tonic For Your Soul (Indie)
93. Ricky Gene Hall & The Goods: Bam! (Yard Dawg Records)
94. 112 North Duck: I Took The Hook (Indie)
94. Donald Ray Johnson: Travelin’ Man (Marvista)
95. Bert Deivert: Takin’ Sam’s Advice (Indie)
95. The Strangetones: We’re On Our Way (Meteor Sonic Records)
96. Jerome Godboo: Humdinger (Indie)
96. Bernie Pearl: Old School Blues (Bee Bump)
97. Johnny Max Band: A Lesson I’ve Learned (Pour Soul)
97. Georgette Fry: Back In A Moment (Spare Rib)

98. Paul Filipowicz Live: Chickenwire (Big Jake)
98. The Blue Voodoo: Back To The Shack (Blue Voodoo)
99. Matt Walker: Low Down (Indie)
100. Little Arthur Duncan: Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge (Delmark)
100. Theodis Ealey: Live (Ifgam)




Like our Top Books & DVD Charts, the Top 100 Vintage/Reissue CDs Listing contains product that has been released in the past 36 months (or longer). We rank by order of a) historical importance and b) pure entertainment value, and this list will ONLY contain CDs that have been graded as ‘Highly Recommended Purchases’ and all selections are based solely on Artistic/Spiritual Merit. Selections have already been reviewed or will be within the next issue. This list is a ‘Bribery-free’ listing so you can ‘take-it-to-the-bank’. (If you hope to have your CD on this list, the first step is to send us a review copy…)
All have been graded as ‘Highly Recommended Purchases’ and all selections are based solely on Artistic/Spiritual Merit. Selections have already been reviewed or will be within the next issue. This list is a ‘Bribery-free’ listing so you can ‘take-it-to-the-bank’. (If you hope to have your CD on this list, the first step is to send us a review copy…)

1. The Champion Records Story Vol. 1: Blues & Rhythm (SPV/The Blue Label)

1. The Ref-o-ree Records Story: Southern Soul (SPV/The Blue Label)

1. The Bullet And Sur Speed Records Story/The R&B And Soul Session(SPV/The Blue Label)

2. Picking The Blues: Boogie Woogie Pioneers (Document)

2. The Poncello Records Story: Tennessee R&B (SPV/The Blue Label)
3. Johnny Jones: Can I Get An Amen? (SPV/The Blue Label)

3. Earl Hooker: An Introduction To Earl Hooker (Fuel 2000)

4. Essential Louisiana R&B: Various Artists (Fuel 2000)
5. Roscoe Shelton: Save Me (SPV/The Blue Label)
6. Al Garner: Get Out Blues (SPV/The Blue Label)
7. Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues 1935-1953 (JSP)

8. Earl Gaines: The Lost Soul Tapes (AIM)

9. Charlie Whitehead: The Charlie Whitehead Anthology 1970-76 (Kent/Ace)
10. King Solomon: You Ain't Nothing But A Teenager (Night Train/Tuff City)

11. Tony Joe White: Swamp Music/The Complete Monument Recordings (Rhino)
11. Nina Simone: The Definitive Collection (Hip-O/Universal)

12. Funky Funky New Orleans Vol. 4: Various Artists (Funky Delicacies/Tuff City)
13. Barrelhouse Chuck: 25 Years of Chicago Blues Piano (Viola)
14. Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970 Various Artists Vol.2 (Lost Highway Records)

15. The Complete Meteor Blues, R&B And Gospel Recordings (Ace/U.K.)
16. The Essential Carter Brothers (Fuel 2000)

17. The Fieldstones: Mud Island Blues (HighTone)

18. Herman Hitson: You Are Too Much For The Human Heart (Soul-Tay- Shus/Tuff City)

19. STAX 50th Anniversary Celebration (Stax/Concord)

20. Jimi Bott: Live Volume 1/Cheap Thrills (Roseleaf)

20. Jr. Wells: Live At Theresa’s 1975 (Delmark)

20. Eddie Hinton: A Mighty Field Of Vision (Raven)
21. Memphis Slim: The Very Best Of…(Collectables)
22. Vernon Garrett: I Made My Own World (Kent/ACE)

23. Double Shot Of Soul (Kent/ACE)
24. William Clark: The Early Years Vol. 1 & 2 (Watchdog)

25. The Mercury New Orleans Sessions 1950 & 1953 (Bear Family)
26. Eddie Holloway: The Greatest Hits (Empire Musicwerks)

27. Robert Jr. Lockwood: Steady Rollin’ Man (Delmark)
28. Down Home Blues Classic: Texas 1946-1954 (Boulevard Vintage)
29. Pachuco Soul: Various Artists (Vampi Soul)
30. Little Son Jackson, Vol. 2: Restless Blues (Document)

30. Sunnyland Slim: Long Tall Daddy With Big Big Sarah (Arcola)

31. Willie Hightower: Honest Jons Presents Willie Hightower (Honest Jons)
32. The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: Chicken Shack/Duster Bennett/Champion Jack Dupree/Eddie Boyd (BMG/Sony)
33. Link Wray & The Wraymen: They’re Outta Here (Roller Coaster)
34. Geater Davis: The Lost Soul Man (AIM)

36. Nashville's Got The Beat!!!! (R.O.A.D.)

35. Clarence Williams Jug & Washboard Bands (Document)
36. Lil Bob & The Lollipops: I Got Loaded (La Louisianna)
37. The Mirwood Soul Story (Kent/ACE)
38. Chico Chism’s West Side Blues Party (SouthWest Musical Acts Foundation)

39. Otis Rush: All Your Love/Live At The Wise Fool’s Pub (Delmark)

40. Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson: Kidney Stew Is Fine (Delmark)
41. Little Johnny Taylor: Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Fuel 2000)
42. GWP NYC TCB: Various Artists (Kent/ACE)
43. New Orleans Will Rise Again: Various Artists (Night Train)

44. Modern Downhome Blues: Volume 3: Memphis On Down (Ace/U.K.)
45. Authentic Southern Chitlin Blues (Empire Musicwerks)

46. Miami Funk: V.A. (Henry Stone Music)

47. Cicero Blake: Here Comes The Heartache (Grapevine)
47. Greg Nagy: Walk That Fine Thin Line (Big O Records)
48. Magic Slim & The Teardrops: Tin Pan Alley (Wolf)
49. Willie Egan: Wow! Wow! (Empire Musicwerks)

50. An Introduction To Clifton Chenier (Fuel 2000)

51. Jelly Roll Morton: The Complete Library Of Congress Recordings (Rounder) 52. Canned Heat: Instrumentals 1967-1996 (Ruf)

53. Ike Turner: His Woman, Her Man (Funky Delicacies/Night Train)
54. Blind Arvella Gray: The Singing Drifter (Conjuroo)
55. Johnny Nicholas: Thrill On The Hill (Topcat)
56. J.W. Warren: Life Ain’t Worth Livin’ (Fat Possum)
57. Jr. Wells: An Introduction To Jr. Wells (Fuel 2000)
58. Charles Brown: Cryin’ Mercy (Blue Orchid)
59. Ike Turner: A Black Man’s Soul (Funky Delicacies/Night Train)
60. Otis Rush Live…And In Concert From San Francisco (Blues Express)
61. Memphis Blues Bands & Singers (HighTone/Highwater)

61. Bottleneck Blues: The Rough Guide To…(World Music Network)

62. Magic Slim/Joe Carter: That Ain’t Right (Delmark)

63. Muddy Waters: The Definitive Collection (Chess/Geffen)

64. The Neville Brothers: Gold (Hip-O/Universal)

65. Frankie Lee: Standing At The Crossroads (Blues Express)
66. Faye Adams: 1952-1954 (Classics)

67. Rory Gallagher: Live At Montreaux (Eagle Rock)

68. Music City Blues & Soul 1960s: The Best Of Bullet/ Sur-Speed Records (R.O.A.D.)

69. The Best Of The Smokin' Joe Kubek Band Featuring Bnois King: Served-Up Texas Style (Rounder/Bullseye)

70. Lost Deep Soul Treasures Vol. 6 (Sounds of Soul)
71. Lou Rawls: The Best Of Lou Rawls/The Capital Jazz & Blues Sessions (Capitol/Jazz)

72. Snooks Eaglin: New Orleans Street Singer (Smithsonian Folkways/Koch)

73. Eat To The Beat: The Dirtiest Of Them Dirty Blues (Bear Family)
73. Got The Feeling - Work Your Soul Vol. 2 (Trojan/Sanctuary)
74. Texas & Louisiana Slide Masters: Blues & Western Swing (Saga)
75. Buddy Guy: Can’t Quit The Blues (Silvertone/Sony Legacy)
75. Irma Thomas: A Woman’s Viewpoint (Kent/Ace)

76. Wild Bill Davis: The Everest Years (Empire Musicwerks)
77. William Clarke: Live in Germany (Watchdog)
The Rough Guide To Zydeco:  Allons danser! Creole Accordions Dance (World Music Network)
77. Voodoo Blues: Hoodoo & Magical Practices (Saga)
78. Blues Guitarkillers: Various Artists (Wolf)

79. Blues With A Message: Various Artists (Arhoolie)

80. Professor Longhair: Rock’n Roll Gumbo (Sunnyside/Ryko)
80. Benny Latimore: The Early Years (Henry Stone Music)

81. James Harman Band: Strictly Live In ’85…Plus Vol. 1 (Gulf Coast Records/Pacific Blues)

81. Lil’ Son Jackson: Vol. 1 1948-50 (Document)
82. The Fabulous Treniers: The Hoss Allen Sessions (Night Train/Tuff City)

83. Atlas Blues Explosion: Various Artists (Empire Musicwerks)
84. Lost Deep Soul Treasures Vol. 5 (Sounds of Soul)
85. Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Brothers (Atlantic/Rhino)
86. Funky Funky Houston: Various Artists (Funky Delicacies/Tuff City)

87. Blind Pig Records 30th Anniversary Collection (Blind Pig)
88. Roy Brown: Good Rockin’ Brown (Ace/U.K.)
89. Rock House Records Presents Roy Roberts & Friends: Blues & Soul Review Vol.1 (RockHouse)
The Rough Guide to The Blues: Various Artists (World Music Network)
91. Sam & Dave (Henry Stone Music)

92. Gwen McCrae Sings TK (Henry Stone Music)
92. Clifton Chenier: Louisiana Blues & Zydeco (Arhoolie)

93. Tim Williams: Passed Through Here (Cayuse)

95. Bettye LaVette: Child Of The Seventies (Rhino)
94. Roscoe Shelton: Deep In My Soul (AIM)
95. Roy Brown: Good Rockin’ Brown (ACE/U.K.)

96. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Various Artists (Yazoo)
97. Brooker T & The MGs: Stax Profiles (Stax/Concord)
98. Johnny Taylor: Stax Profile (Stax/Concord)
99. Lee Rogers: Sock Some Love Power To Me (Soul-Tay-Shus)
100. American Music: The HighTone Records Story (HighTone)



Note: REAL BLUES ‘Top 10 Releases’ charts are based on what CD’s we have received in the previous 12 Calendar months. All have been graded as ‘Highly Recommended Purchases’ and all selections are based solely on Artistic/Spiritual Merit. Selections have already been reviewed or will be within the next issue. This list is a ‘Bribery-free’ listing so you can ‘take-it-to-the-bank’. (If you hope to have your CD on this list, the first step is to send us a review copy…)

1. Odetta: Gonna Let It Shine (MC)

1. The Reverend Al Green: Everything's O.K. (Blue Note)

2. The Mighty Clouds of Joy: In The House Of The Lord: Live In Houston (Compendia)

2. Swing Time Gospel: The Acapella Groups (Night Train)
3. Elaine Norwood: God Has A Way (Evejim Records)

4. Dorothy Norwood: Stand On The Word (Malaco)
5. Margaret Allison & The Angelic Gospel Singers : God (Malaco)

6. Sacred Steel Instrumentals (Arhoolie)

7. Charles Jackson & The Jackson Travelers (Rampart Street)
7. Amazing Grace Praise Band: Glorious Triumph (Sacred Strings)

8. The Lee Boys: Say Yes (Arhoolie)

8. Roy Tyler: & New Directions: Three Way Calling (Severn)
9. Danny Brooks: Soulsville P. 2 - Rock This House (His House Records)
10. The Friendly Travelers: Search My Heart (Rampart Street)

10. The Golden Wings: What You're Doin' Now! (Rampart Street)